Poldark (Series 2) REVIEW!

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On 7th November 2016, Poldark Series 2 came to an end.

For a series spanning 10 episodes, the story managed to pack a lot in.

The series is excellent, and its quality has not wavered since the last series. The acting is top notch, and all the characters are believable with cohesive and coherent arcs of development. The story arc is unapologetic about how it unfolds and doesn’t feel the need to soften the blow when things go bad. Earlier in the series many avenues in the media got very hot under the collar because they interpreted a seduction scene as a rape scene.

I wouldn’t call the drama escapism – because it isn’t. But its just been such a fantastic series. While of course not exactly leaving me in a dribbling mess like the previous series did it certainly made me think about how a story deals with the dynamics of relationships and how perhaps sometimes it isn’t always very realistic to portray couples as happy 110% of the time. I haven’t read the book of this series yet (as of November 2016) but I hope to soon. At least there are plenty of books in the series so the writers won’t be starved for material no matter how long the series lasts for.

The acting is brilliant too. Aidan Turner’s Ross shows himself to be more than a dashing hero who scythes shirtless and this series has certainly proven himself to be a bit of a thickwit too. Eleanor Tomlinson has sparkled this series, with a fiery beauty and temper when Demelza shows she is not willing to be a doormat to Ross’s wandering eye.

I can’t wait for the next series. I hope its not too long till the show is on our screens again and series 3 has so much potential.

MY RATING: ***** / *****


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