Samson and Delilah (2009)

Image result for samson and delilah 2009Two Aboriginal Australian teenagers steal a car and travel to Alice Springs, Australia.

I went into watching this film as plot-blind as possible, because it was a film I watched at a film screening at university. One of the other people at the screening left because he was befuddled that there weren’t subtitles.

I didn’t like this film very much. Not that I despised it, but its the sort of film a person might watch once and then never again. It was very slow-burning and because there was very minimal dialogue it was certainly the case that the relationship between the two teens had to be put across in a way other than through dialogue as would typically be expected.

Both of these teenagers were new to acting when the film was made and it certainly shows. It’s good to see a film with very naturalistic way of acting, in that you go in expecting nothing and are just happy to let the film unfold slowly. It’s only around 90 minutes but its VERY slow burning.

If you like Australian film, then this is for you. It’s hardly the best film ever made but the comparison between the Aborigines living in a community no longer their own and the white Australians who view the Aborigines as outcasts is interesting to say the least. There were also about three separate instances in which I expected the film to end, all to no avail. It would’ve made for interesting contexts to say the least.

MY RATING: **.5 / *****



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