Top 10 Worst Films Watched This Year.

This is a list of the worst films I watched this year. Not all the films were made this year, but I watched them this year.

1. Kids (1995) Pointless movie about horny teenagers infecting each other with AIDS. I just don’t think it is a very good film at all.

2. Salo (1975) A very unsettling film about a group of young people incarcerated in an ornate castle by powerful maniacs. Its supposed to represent the treatment of the Italian people under Fascism but it just comes across as a paedophilic fantasy with an unhealthy added dose of excrement.

3. Nymphomaniac: Volume 1 (2013) A self-professed nymphomaniac confesses her erotic experiences to the man who saved her life. It was probably supposed to be an artistic testement to taboo but ended up just being a tiresome pornographic film with boring characters.

4. Smart People (2008) An acerbic college professor connects with an ex-student (now MD) and begins to revaluate his life. Really didn’t expect to hate this film but it is incredibly tiresome and the poor excuse for comedy dragged rather considerably.

Image result for fateful findings neil breen

Fateful Findings (2013)

5. Fateful Findings (2013) A computer hacker lives in the desert and exists off tuna. Can he save the world from the corporations? Another film from the Breen trilogy.

6. Pocahontas II: Journey to the New World (1998) Disappointing sequel to a passable film. This was a mash of bad plot and rubbish songs with no narrative coherence from the previous film. Avoid if you don’t want your memory of the Pocahontas film to be sullied by this disgrace of a sequel.

7. I am Here…Now (2009) The third film in the series makes this list too. Breen plays a Godlike figure who is displeased with humanity and also wants to save people from the evil corporations. Again.

8. Cool Cat Saves the Kids (2015) An anthropomorphic, preachy cat saves kids from Machiavellian bullies. It really tries to be an earnest education film but fails massively at its basic aims. It was also heavily criticized online.


9. Double Down (2005) A computer hacker comes to terms with love, life and death amidst stock-footage interspersed with reused shots of empty desert. A vanity project for Neil Breen and part of his ‘Breen trilogy’.

10. The Amazing Bulk (2012) A scientist tests a serum and becomes a Hulk-esque monster. An awful film, this didn’t even use proper locations.



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