Eight Minutes Idle (2012)

Image result for eight minutes idleA young call centre worker, Dan (Tom Hughes) begins living in his workplace with his cat after he is kicked out by his mother.

This film looked quite interesting and worth at least a millisecond of attention. It stars Tom Hughes in his pre-Victoria days, although he was the only actor I recognized offhand. It is a UK-based indie film, set and filmed in Bristol, which I’m sure would give me a warm fuzzy spark of recognition if I had even the most tenuous link with the city, which sadly I do not. However, its always what can be done with a UK location and a respectably low budget when it comes to indie film-making.

I think this film was a comedy, although many times I didn’t know whether I was supposed to laugh or not. I think the story tries to be clever but fails spectacularly. It was painfully obvious who Dan’s love interest was supposed to be and the romance didn’t really interest me, and neither did any of the character’s motivations. Other character motivations (aside from those of the central male protagonist) were just really forgettable and I realized that I didn’t really care what happened to everyone in the end.

The only one thing it probably can boast in its favour is it certainly shows how cutthroat the world of callcentres probably is, but that’s not enough to redeem it as a film.

MY RATING: *.5 / *****


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