A Mother’s Son (2012)

Image result for a mother's sonAnd now for a review of a 2-part drama from 2012 about a mother fearing that her son is the murderer of a schoolgirl when she finds human blood on his trainers.

I didn’t see this drama when it originally aired but got around to watching it back in November.

Hermoine Norris is always playing the role of a harangued upper-class mum in some form or other, and this drama looked interesting. It had a few familiar faces, including Martin Clunes (Doc Martin), Antonia Clarke (Lightfields) and Annabelle Apsion (Shameless) so that was good to see. It seemed like this drama would be the perfect chance for everyone involved to stretch their dramatic legs.

ITV has plenty of these dramas in abundance. The characters are usually massively wealthy and there is a secret within the walls of their palatial home and everyone within the ultra-rich family usually has a motive for committing the crime.

It was good to see Clunes show a bit of talent in his role, although everyone seemed a bit too cardboard-cutout at times. The son under suspicion, Jamie (Alexander Arnold) did well enough but the final moments of the drama felt like a massive cop-out and incredibly predictable (too many ITV dramas end like this. It’s getting very boring fast). That being said, maybe because I do not have children I can’t understand the guilt of having a son who is potentially a killer.

This drama also did try to say meaningful things about why people are driven to murder, as well as ever-present issues of pornography, sexual frustrations, bullying and violence. However, the ending of episode 2 completely wasted any potential this drama had to be watchable or even memorable.

Perhaps if I’d gone into watching this drama plot-blind then perhaps I would’ve appreciated it more. I realize I shouldn’t be so heartless about murder, but ultimately this drama went off with all the flash bang of a disappointing firework.

MY RATING: **.5 / *****


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