Rillington Place (2016) First Impressions.

Image result for Rillington Place bbcIn late November 2016, the drama series Rillington Place aired on the BBC. Starring Tim Roth and Samantha Morton.

I’ve always been grimly fascinated by the John Christie murders (I haven’t seen the 1971 film but plan to do so) and I didn’t even realize this was happening until it popped up on BBCi Player.

Tim Roth was brilliant and chilling. He seemed to menacing, and his husky whispering only added to this. Samantha Morton’s portrayal of John’s wife Ethel was a picture of downtrodden resignation. The oppressive cinematography only adds to this and after watching the episode I wanted to rub my skin raw.

Nico Mirallegro made brief tantalizing appearances as Timothy Evans, who would in time be convincted for the murder of his wife and daughter (although Christie was in fact the murderer). I have come across Nico before in such television drama as The Village and it certainly seemed as if he has a great deal of potential, especially in such a harrowing role. I can’t wait for the other episodes.

I have high hopes for this drama (as of December 1st 2016) and luckily have avoided all the negative articles about it as far as possible. There are all the usual ones complaining about the low sound quality etc and to be honest Roth’s whispering enhanced an already chilling performance.

If you do come across this drama and decide to watch it, I’d recommend looking into the actual murder case first and then watch the show, without reading any bigoted articles by particular tabloid newspapers.

MY RATING: ***** / *****


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