In The Dark Half (2012)

Image result for In the dark halfA young girl thinks she is haunted after a boy she is babysitting dies in her care.

I didn’t know quite what to expect when watching this film. All I knew about this film was it was made in Bristol on a microbudget, along with similar films such as Eight Minutes Idle (2012). Knowing this, I wasn’t too enthusiastic as I hadn’t really enjoyed Eight Minutes Idle all that much.

Even though this film was around about 79 minutes long, it was very slow. Perhaps it was supposed to heighten the tension or the fear, I’m not too sure, but ultimately it all felt very protracted compared to a typically longer film.

The sort of ‘they were dead the whole time’ narrative can only ever be done so-so. I tried to stay away from any reviews or plot synopsis as much as possible, so maybe I would have been more shocked at the twist ending. However, for all intents and purposes it was done well and the suppression of it all was done well to be kept until the end. The narrative and script were all over the place and I continually changed my viewpoint on how the story would end up.

Visually, the cinematography was interesting. The film captures the greyness of suburbia to perfection and as a result made the film all that more eerie. It did a good job for something on a very minimal budget. However, would I watch it again? Nope. I don’t think the eeriness would translate a second time around. However, the film was good, nonetheless. By all means, watch it if you like low-budget horror films.

MY RATING: *** / *****



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