We’re Going on a Bear Hunt (2016)

Image result for we're going on a bear hunt channel 4Produced by the same company that made the The Snowman and the Snowdog (2012). We’re Going on a Bear Hunt was shown on Christmas Eve 2016. It is the story of a group of children who go on an adventure to track down a bear.

This animated drama has a special place in my heart. When I was a child I adored the book on which this is based, even though now years later I have only vague memories of it unfortunately. However, this animation was a charm.

It was only about half an hour long, so unfortunately not a full length movie but yet it was still like being hugged in a warm blanket. The animation itself was perfect, just like the book, and it was like a massive shot of nostalgia.

It’s nice to step away from the big dark scary world and step into something which is linked so irrevocably with my childhood and may have even been the book to begin my love of reading which continues to this very day. The story within the animation was unexpectedly multilayered and not just a simple story for kids. It dealt with such themes as loss, exploration and the meaning of family.

I didn’t expect to love this little animation as much as I did. I would highly recommend it to everyone if you did not manage to catch it on Channel 4 at Christmas Eve.

MY RATING: **** / *****


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