The Prince and Me (2004)

Image result for The Prince and Me 2004A Danish Prince, Edvard (Luke Malby) attends a college in Wisconsin, masquerading as an ordinary guy, until he meets medical student, Paige Morgan (Julia Stiles).

In writing this review I hope that it comes across that I’m not taking this film too seriously.

This is the sort of film I would’ve really enjoyed watching when I was younger. However, I’m not writing this review from the perspective of my 15 year old self. I’m writing as a semi-competent 22 year old film student (I promise this wasn’t a required text!) who can be a bit too nitpicky about film. However, my opinion still counts.

To begin with, I don’t think this movie has aged particularly well in the 12 years since it came out. Of course, at its core is a romantic comedy style story which continues to be regularly churned out in a variety of forms. However, this film is poor. The premise of it in itself is weak at worst, poorly constructed at best.

Julia Stiles’s portrayal of a quasi-‘independent woman’ who don’t need no man is good enough but its a pity that the rest of the movie is so slapdash. For one thing, its far too long for such a poor attempt at a premise. The ‘happy ending’  seemed far too cobbled on at the end, as if they felt they had to end it happily just because they could. What’s so wrong with proving people wrong, at least from a narrative structure point of view?

No character development existed in the story and even though it was supposed to be a comedy I don’t really recall laughing once during the staggering 100 minute run time. I know that physical comedy is a big part of a comedy in its purest form but this film was too bent on making Edvard out to be as stupid as possible.

I wish that this film doesn’t exist, but it does.

MY RATING: * / *****


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