Shrek The Third (2007)

Image result for shrek the thirdThe third film in the Shrek film franchise. Here, Shrek must go on an adventure to track down the true king of Far, Far Away following the death of Fiona’s dad.

I remember going to see this film in the cinema when it originally came out. It is probably my favourite of the Shrek movies, and not just because it includes the voice talents of Justin Timberlake.

Despite it being many years since I saw this last, I still find it as sparkling and funny as ever. The addition of the High School in which they discover Fiona’s cousin Arthur was my favourite part of the film and the plot element which I remember clearest from when I saw the film upon its original release.

I can see why the constant pop culture references in the film might get wearisome but it was the perfect balance of narrative and pop culture to be enjoyable. However, that being said I feel like they could have easily have ended the film series at this one, without harming the quality of the film themselves.

A fun little film with plenty of memories attached to it for me. I don’t quite know about its replay value, though, as my enjoyment of it stemmed from me having not seen it for a while instead of repeatedly watching it. I feel that consistently watching it would ruin my expectations for the film’s humour.

MY RATING: ***.5 / *****


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