Outnumbered Christmas Special (2016)

Image result for outnumbered 2016The Brockman family return for a Christmas special, in which the family are stranded in rural Hampshire en-route to scattering their grandfather’s ashes.

I wasn’t too sure what to think of this episode to be honest. It was good to see the characters back together again, with a new maturity to the comedy, where before the focus had been about the funny things kids say, this time it was more about the family dynamic when everyone is in close proximity, and about the desire for the family to honour the last wishes of the grandfather.

While this wasn’t a laugh a minute situation, it was certainly a good final curtain call for the comedy. I don’t think the vibe of the show would be the same were it to be continued. After all, the comedy isn’t the same if your main protagonists are sulky teenagers instead of sweet kids.

While I don’t miss the show it was good to see all of the characters reunited without any major plot advances. I still found Claire Skinner’s character to be very unfunny as it was based more around the nosy mother stereotype yet again. I just hope that this is a gateway for bigger, better things for the actors, especially the younger ones. I have seen some of the documentaries Tyger Drew Honey has done, and have thoroughly enjoyed them.

MY RATING: ***.5 / *****



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