Water for Elephants (2011)

Image result for water for elephantsI haven’t seen this film for a few years – until now. I’m sure I wrote a blogpost about this before, however it appears not.

It’s been a few years since I last saw this. However, I just knew it was worth reviewing it.

It is good to see a film where Robert Pattinson has to act and is not just restricted to being an anaemic emo vampire. Here, his character has strong motivations for what he does. Reece Witherspoon is good here too, even their romance is probably quite predictable. However, the characterization of Christoph Waltz’s unhinged circus ringmaster is worth mentioning.

He is quite clearly the villain (although in the narrative, it is not so black and white as to who is a good person) but his evilness has motivation. He wants the circus to survive, to be the biggest and the best, while also ruthlessly controlling those around him and seeing his wife Marlena as his possession.

The story was still as emotional as I remember and while that emotion may be slightly superficial and done to manipulate emotions it is still memorable. Visually, it is beautiful too and the cinematography is perfect. I highly recommend you revisit it, or watch it for the first time if you are looking for a new film to enjoy.

MY RATING: **** / *****





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