Sherlock Series 4 First Impressions.

Image result for sherlock series 4 the six thatchersAfter a two-year long wait, Sherlock fans were rewarded with the series 4 debut on New Years Day 2017, with an episode titled ‘The Six Thatchers’.

When watching this episode, I was glad that Sherlock had returned. It has been a long time since the last series, and I had neglected to re-watch all the previous series. After this episode finished, however, I felt as if the proverbial goalposts had been moved.

While this episode still sparkled with the typical Sherlock wit (and the addition of Ginger Nuts!), it just lacked something which made it fall short in my estimations. Of course in the duration of the show itself, what the show stands for seems to have been changed too.

I didn’t feel all that interested in the Mary plotline. Perhaps my initial interest in it was lost with the passing of time since the previous series, but all I can say is that the episode was incredibly messy and all over the place with its narrative. The scenes involving the new baby were fun because it gave a new depth to character relationships and showed that Sherlock was protective of his friends – to a point, anyway.

However, ultimately the episode was too much of a mess to be interesting enough, with the mention of agents and aliases to be incredibly boring. That being said, it has certainly built interesting groundwork for the next few episodes. John’s sideplot was a bit forgettable too, and it all just showed that characters are disposable at the risk of having even weaker character arcs to counteract the popular culture-heavy central ones, if that makes sense? While Mary’s demise was sad, I didn’t feel genuinely sad, I just felt incredibly manipulated.

So while I didn’t hate the episode I don’t think the writers are all that sure about what they are trying to achieve anymore. However, I am looking forward to the appearance of this series’s villain, Culverton Smith (Toby Jones) because it will certainly detract from what has been an altogether middling series as of yet (as of January 2017).

MY RATING: **.5 / *****


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