The Marine (2006)

Image result for The Marine 2006 stills

A Marine (John Cena) chases a group of diamond thieves through the wilderness of South Carolina in order to rescue his wife.

I caught this film a short while ago at a film night with friends. This is definately a film that guys might enjoy more, as it has guns, cars and explosions in abundance. The action movie genre isn’t a particular favourite of mine  and it was more entertaining during the course of the film listening to the other guys in the group discuss the logistics of the explosions.

There was a barely negligible plot and the nearly 100 minute run time really dragged at times. The script is terribly done and I found myself not really caring about what happened to the characters at all, despite the script trying to be funny at times and failing drastically. There was also a really extreme thread of American Patriotism in this film. I know Cena’s character is supposed to be a Marine, but it was so distracting and a bit on the nose really.

So, if you like movies with explosions then I’d recommend you watch this film. If not, then avoid.

MY RATING: ** / *****



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