Sherlock (Series 4) Review. (2017)

Image result for sherlock series 4In January 2017, Sherlock series 4 came to an end.

While I didn’t adore the first episode of the series, it was certainly interesting to see the Sherlock series return after so long.

I think someone has certainly moved the goalposts in regards to the expectations for the show. The writing, it seems, always tries to be one step ahead to keep the audience guessing. All was not as it seemed in the series finale, and the acting of Sian Brooks was brilliantly chilling.

However, while the finale of Series 4 was satisfying enough it felt as if it juddered to a stop at the same time. The treacly voice over really wasn’t needed and the episode could’ve been fine without it. However, Brooks’s role certainly showed how malleable sanity and emotions are, and also how they can easily be warped and manipulated.

Having watched the series, it ended well enough and it was a satisfying end so if a series 5 never culminates then at least all of the loose ends are tied up – at least for now.

MY RATING: ***.5 / *****


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