Megan is Missing (2011)

Image result for megan is missing movie stillsTwo young teenagers go missing after talking to a stranger online.

I had seen a review of this from one of the Youtube movie review channels and while it didn’t look like a great film it piqued my interest and it seemed worth checking it out.

Michael Goi must’ve wanted to make a information film about the dangers of online communication. While it could’ve succeeded, and is certainly stronger with certain elements over others, it also falls flat.

The two main characters, Megan and Amy, are just stereotypes. One is looking for love in the wrong places and with a troubled past, the other is socially awkward and yearning to be liked. The acting is too over the top at times and that is one of its biggest let-downs over all. However, there is an effort to establish reasons behind Megan’s actions. The supporting characters were laughable for the most part and the bad editing during the news broadcast was too distracting.

To be fair though, there is an effort to explain why Megan acts like she does. When Amy later tries to contact ‘Josh’ online to ask about what happened to Megan, the way he turns on her is interesting because in grooming both girls, he was telling them what they wanted to hear and I guess that is what young teens want to hear when they aren’t getting along with their friends and family.

The ending minutes were really disturbing. I don’t think this is a film I’d watch more than once, to be honest.

MY RATING: ** / *****


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