Falling Down (1993)

Image result for falling down 1993A former defence engineer, William Foster (Michael Douglas) wants to get to his daughter’s birthday party in time, but a sequence of seemingly trivial events seem to stand in his way.

This was another film I watched for a module at my uni.

To be honest, while I probably wouldn’t have watched this film. Not to say that it isn’t interesting on its own merits. It’s just that I’m hardly a massive fan of Michael Douglas’s filmography and have only seen a handful of his other films.

That being said, with recent political developments in America make this film seem oddly relevant. At its core, this film’s basic message seems to be an embodiment of a masculinity in crisis, not only with changing gender roles but also the frustrations with consumerism.

I’m really not all that sure whether or not I sympathize with Douglas’s character. Of course everyone gets frustrated with the minutiae of modern existence but very few of us rampage through a city with guns and other weapons. Still, this movie had plenty of twists and turns while still also managing to be unintentionally funny too.

Would I watch this film again? Probably not. Not to say that it was a bad film, its just that once I realized the twists and turns my personal opinion about the longevity of the film’s appeal to me as a viewer would likely be severely stunted.

MY RATING: *** / *****


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