The Sapphires (2012)

Image result for the sapphires movieA music promoter, Dave (Chris O’Dowd) takes a group of Aboriginal girls to Vietnam to sing for the troops.

I came across this film while perusing BBCi player.

I studied Australian film back lack semester at my uni and have as a result watched plenty of Australian films, many of which dealt with Aboriginal issues relating to Australia. Here, while it was not a course text I thought it worth watching anyway.

While I don’t think its the sort of film I would’ve sought out under my own steam, it was good to have the Aboriginal issue dealt with from a different angle, where the young women fight for equality and overcome prejudice using the power of soul music, instead of a film where they’re fighting the influence of White Australians.

Don’t watch this film expecting a historically accurate Vietnam war film because that just isn’t what the film is all about. Look at this film as a bit of escapism, despite the fact that the script is incredibly cheesy and this sometimes distracts from the main thrust of the story. However, the costumes, music and cinematography are all pretty good.

MY RATING: *** / *****


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