The Falling (2014)

Image result for the falling movie stills 2014I wasn’t too keen on this film to be honest.

This film might be my first ‘worst film’ of 2017. This film had the potential to be, while not great, at least watchable. A group of schoolgirls at a girls school in the 1960s are overcome by a mysterious fainting epidemic. And that’s pretty much it.

I think the director was trying to imitate such films as Picnic at Hanging Rock, but failed miserably. The themes which this film tried to achieve constantly fell flat or didn’t really deliver all that well. It also tried to be arty and interesting with unconventional editing styles and that got tiresome very quickly.

To me, the film seemed to be a film about lesbianism, repressed desire or something along those lines, along with a hearty dollop of incest thrown in alongside it. However, the story itself is all over the place and the sudden plot twists at the end feel so cobbled together aside from the main story itself.

I tried my hardest to really like this film but it just fell flat. I don’t really want to start looking for arty interpretations and deeper meanings. It started off so well but didn’t deliver on its promise. Maxine Peake was good as Lydia’s mother Eileen, however.

MY RATING: * / *****


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