Ethel and Ernest (2016)

Image result for ethel and ernestA beautiful animated film, from Raymond Briggs’s 1998 graphic novel of the same name.

I had heard many positive things about this movie, having recently brought the graphic novel on which it is based.  I am also familiar with Briggs’s other work, such as When the Wind Blows.

The novel is about Briggs’s mum and dad, from their courtship in the 1920s until their deaths c. 1971. The drawing style itself is beautiful, managing to emphasize the ordinaryness of the family while setting it against the backdrop of a Britain which is rapidly changing. At the same time, it had plenty of funny moments too which meant that it wasn’t 110% doom and gloom all the time.

While I wasn’t a sobbing sorry mess by the end it did make me feel very desolate for a while after. In Ethel and Ernest, so much emotion can be conveyed in but a few frames and that is what makes the film sparkle. In the coming weeks and months I am likely to be reading the graphic novel and writing a review of it very soon.

MY RATING: **** / *****


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