25th Hour (2002)

Image result for 25th Hour movie 2002A man has 24 hours left of freedom before he will be sent to prison for drug dealing.

This was another film I watched for a course text.

I had always been aware of this film and had always been tempted ever since the early days of this blog to watch and review this movie. However, it being a set text is as a good opportunity as any!

Edward Norton was excellent here, as always. His character is cut sympathetically because his two friends are just as morally crooked as he is and yet remain within society’s fold. At this film’s heart, however, is the pursuit of a person’s destiny and the damage of wasted potential.

While this film has linked themes with the 9/11 terrorist attacks, I was too absorbed in the film to really notice until giving it a second look. However, while I did enjoy watching the film and got absorbed in Norton’s performance, I didn’t fall head over heels and thus I wouldn’t really give it a 5* rating as a result.

The mirror rant scene was interesting, though, given how soon it was released after 9/11.

MY RATING: ***.5 / *****


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