Bridget Jones’s Baby (2016)

Image result for Bridget Jones babyBridget Jones (Renee Zelwegger) finds herself pregnant after two respective one night stands with her ex, Mark Darcy (Colin Firth) and Jack Qwant (Patrick Dempsey) respectively. Who is the daddy? Hilarity and hijinks ensue.

I liked the previous two Bridget Jones movies enough but did not really like the book Mad About the Boy as to be frank it seemed very banal and infantile. However, I was willing to give this film a go because it was not based on Mad About the Boy.

Dempsey as Qwant was a bit predictable to be honest and I wasn’t all that invested in their semblence of a relationship. In the same way, the same old tired stereotypes exist in the characterisation of Mark Darcy because, no matter what, he and Bridget have to be together!

However, it was nice seeing things had moved on with the other characters in a round about way. Of course none of the characters undergo any particularly spectacular transformations and most of the jokes are a bit tired. In the same way, I guess it also shows how the Bridget Jones stereotype of the 1990s does exist in the 21st century but has to morph and amalgamate in order to survive. Similarly, while the film itself was interesting, all of the inconsistencies and instabilities of the film were explained away by the end of the film, which left a very unsatisfying viewing experience for me.

Emma Thompson as the gynecologist was brilliant, and probably the sole reason that this film doesn’t end up in the pit of despair known as the Worst Films of 2017 list. There were a few good jokes in the melee as well but I don’t think they would’ve been particularly funny if I were to see the film again.

Despite this, the film also satisfyingly tied up the trilogy while also referencing the first film in a way which was rather sweet. The film also had a cameo in it from Ed Sheeran, which was rather fun.  If you like the Bridget Jones films, then by all means watch this.

MY RATING: **.5 / *****


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