Shadow Dancer (2012)

Image result for shadow dancerIn 1990s Belfast, a member of the IRA becomes an informer for MI5 in order to protect her young son.

I must admit, I watched this film because of Clive Owen being in it, and unfortunately at the time I watched the film I didn’t know very much about the IRA so perhaps it skews my view of the film in its entirety.

However, for what it is worth, the film was watchable. It was slow burning despite being only around the 90 minute mark. Perhaps because it is not the typical thriller where everyone goes out in a hail of bullets, but all the same it suffers at times for being so slow-burning. The secondary characters also suffer greatly for not being particularly differentiated.

However, the visuals are good and the cinematography was well done. The overuse of freehand camera got old pretty quickly and I expected there to be a better use for the tension. Or perhaps I just wasn’t as focused on the story as I should have been? Who knows?

Ultimately, perhaps I will one day return to rewatch this film. However, it is always good to see any films with Clive Owen in it.

MY RATING: *** / *****



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