Stepford Wives (2004)

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Television exec Joanna Eberhart (Nicole Kidman) moves her family to the quiet suburb of Stepford where things seem to be amiss with the seemingly perfect suburbia and its inhabitants.

This film is also a remake of the 1975 original film. I will be keeping this in mind when writing this review, and at a later date I will be writing a comparison blogpost.

I avoided watching this film for a long, long time. Last year I wrote an essay about the original 1975 variation and was aware that this remake existed. However, I didn’t really have any inclination to watch this film until very recently.

To be honest, its not very good. Nicole Kidman was boring in her role and made the whole film drag. In the same way, Matthew Broderick just came off as incredibly insipid and very boring. For the most part, the other acting talent was good. Bette Midler was funny as outspoken Jewish Bobbie Markowitz and Glenn Close was memorable in her role of Claire Wellington, whose husband runs the town.

The film’s problem is its inconsistency. I guess in a span of 30 years you really can’t keep up the suspense of suburban horror when everyone already knows the punchline. Because the film is more comedic and seeks to laugh at the state of the gender politics it doesn’t feel as threatening as the original film did, where the threat loomed and then devoured those within it.

Aside from the strong performances of Midler and Close, the film was a poor effort. While the original was by no means a brilliant film in itself, at least the threat was tangible. Here, the film itself just seems too camp and stupid to be taken seriously.

MY RATING: ** / *****



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