Maigret: Night at the Crossroads (2017)

Image result for Maigret rowan atkinsonA crime drama based on a series of French novels. Starring Rowan Atkinson.

I watched this earlier this month while visiting relatives. I knew nothing about this drama, and set about watching it eagerly. I didn’t even watch the first series and had no precognition what the drama was even about.

Not only did this drama have a cracking title screen (see below) it also had brilliant cinematography with good pacing. I have always thought of Atkinson as more of a comedic actor and seeing him in a dramatic role was brilliant. His comedic reputation did not overshadow his acting here and I really want to either see the first series of this show or further episodes because the show itself is strangely addictive.

The atmosphere of the show was brilliant because it was able to effortlessly combine a 1940s/1950s noir setting with the faded grandeur of French opulence. This drama has given me a fantastic first impression and I can’t wait to watch more episodes.

MY RATING: **** / *****

Image result for Maigret 2016

The title screen for Maigret (2017). 


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