Home (2016)

Image result for Home Holliday GraingerA short film which raises interesting questions about the current refugee crisis.

I saw this on BBCi Player and decided to watch it. I didn’t have any background knowledge of the short film itself, although I was more than aware of the refugee crisis which was occurring overseas.

With the media dredging into the crisis, it brings up a great deal of misinformation which preys on people’s fear of outsiders. However, I think this short film should definately be used in discussions about the refugee crisis and the repercussions of it on society and the population. By having the central family as a traditional White British family, it inverts our preconceptions about the refugees and migration.

This film was fantastically done, whereby the tension was high right from the get go. It becomes clear from the beginning that what appears to be nothing more than a holiday is far more dangerous. Jack O’Connell (Private Peaceful) plays the role of the father who tries to get his wife and kids to safety, while Holliday Grainger (The Borgias) plays the role of the mum who tries her best to keep the children calm while the world around them quickly descends into chaos.

The film manages to be utterly heartbreaking and tragic while also giving the impression that, like many refugees in real life, arriving at the transit camp is not the end of their long journey to destinations yet unknown. A brilliant short film and certainly one to promote discussion about migration and refugees.

MY RATING: **** / *****


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