Unconditional (2012)

Image result for Unconditional Love 2012Also known as Unconditional Love, this film tells of charismatic but closet gay loan shark Liam (Christian Cook) who involves shy virgin Owen (Harry McEntire) in his dark twisted fantasies.

If I hadn’t caught this on BBCi Player, I don’t think I would have sought it out on my own. The tension builds steadily from the beginning and puts the central characters Owen and his sister Kristen (Madeleine Clark) in a believable scenario as they try to look after their disabled mum and are quickly wowed by gregarious Liam whose fast cars, glamorous clothes and magnetic personality takes them away from their despairing situation.

The manipulative personality of Liam is put across brilliantly well by Cook, and it imbues a homicidal threat through the course of the film itself. I didn’t feel moved by the story in any way particularly because it was just so downhill so very fast in terms of bleakness.

This film has overarching themes about sexual discovery and violent passion. Without it sounding too much like a Mills and Boon byline, it still shows how suffocating unconditional love can be as well as how toxic a charming personality can be once the charmer gets their claws into the person they are trying to impress, especially if the person in question is down on their luck and keen for acceptance on their own terms.

MY RATING: ***. 5/ *****



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