Clique (2017)

Image result for Clique 2017 bbcA six part thriller about two girls in their first year at Edinburgh University, who both slowly become involved in a mysterious internship programme where things are not all as they appear.

I watched this drama after seeing the trailer on bbci player. It certainly looked interesting. I tried to keep as plot blind as possible, and for the most part I think this certainly contributed to my feelings towards the show.

I binge watched the last three episodes of the show on 31st April 2017 and so I wanted to write my thoughts on the series as soon as possible. To begin with, there is acting talent aplenty to keep the drama afloat by itself. However, throughout the duration of the six episodes, the tension is ramped up and everyone’s motivations (or lack thereof) become slowly evident over the course of the episodes. It quickly becomes clear that nobody at the university can be trusted.

The drama poses interesting questions about sexuality, friendships, employment and consent, media personality and representation, and feminism in a patriarchal society. I didn’t go into watching the series with that in mind, and I think ultimately this worked out for the best because the series threw me a curveball as it unfolded. It is also interesting to see how a series written by women can be presented, especially where sex and heterosexual relationships are never presented as the ultimate end goal. The relationships in this way are presented as fatalistic, self-destructive or just massively damaging. In this way, this is refreshing but also shows how poisonous people can be where nobody is entirely good, all with sinister motivations in various guises.

While the whole drama unfolded in such a way that made it enthralling until the end, the massive tonal shift right at the end was just a bit jarring and made the whole thing unbelievable. In the same way, I think this is the sort of drama which can stand just fine by itself and doesn’t need a follow up or a second series.

MY RATING: **** / *****


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