Beautiful But Dangerous (1954)

Image result for She Couldnt say no 1954
Otherwise known as She Couldn’t Say No, this film tells the story of wealthy Corny Lane (Jean Simmons) who donates money anonymously to the town who helped her when she was a child. This only causes trouble, especially between Corby and the local doctor, Robert Sellers (Robert Mitchum).

Ignoring the fact that the title of this film has ropy connotations out of context, I watched this film because it was on BBCi Player. Yet again, I think this is one of those films which I probably wouldn’t have sought out by myself.

I am familiar with Robert Mitchum’s roles and acting, and he has always been one of my favourite actors from Classical Hollywood. Here, he plays the standard love interest, and isn’t given much chance to stretch his acting legs although the role itself is quite comical.

I’m not entirely keen on Jean Simmons in this film. My knowledge of her films isn’t all that wide so perhaps it is that, but ultimately she just felt like a very wooden character. I don’t know why I was expecting more from an RKO picture, but even so. The romantic complication in the film was predictable but yet easily solved when the film reached its conclusion. It is to be expected, but all the same.

Ultimately, the film was good enough but ultimately it was a very forgettable experience. Apart from Robert Mitchum, none of the other actors stood out as anything particularly remarkable and the comedy itself mostly came from physical comedy and the amusement of a backwards American town, rather than anything else.

MY RATING: *** / *****


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