Versailles (Series 2) First Impressions

Image result for Versailles series 2 reviewI honestly had no idea this had come back so soon for a second series. This is another one of those first impressions blogposts.

I had found the first series interesting and intriguing enough, while not exactly pinning myself to my seat in anticipation for the return of the show. If anything, the drama has encouraged me to find out more about the real Versailles.

George Blagden is on top form as always, and his ability to play King Louis has not abated in less than a year, ever since the previous series aired. The cinematography is still as lovely as ever, while emphasizing the close confines of the palace and the intrigue therein. The show will always be that bit more adult, which is excusable in the context of the story and yet it is what gets the show the most press attention. Weird.

The show doesn’t particularly have the intention of making you catch up with what had gone before because evidently it would have involved some mixture of sex, murder, poisonings, plotting etc. The return just drops you right into the mire. Indeed, it becomes one of those narratives in which a person is unsure of who to trust in a court of schemers and people who have poison to hand.

The relationships, especially female-centric, were interesting in this episode especially between the King’s mistress and his wife respectively, as they help King Louis to choose a new bride for his brother. It was an episode of cutting remarks and quick witted coquettishness with the moreish hope for more of it to come.

MY RATING: *** / *****



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