Win A Date With Tad Hamilton! (2004)

Image result for win a date with tad hamilton!A smalltown girl, Rosalee (Kate Bosworth) wins a date with celebrity actor Tad Hamilton (Josh Duhamel) and a love triangle develops between Rosalee, Tad and Rosalee’s best friend, Pete (Topher Grace).

This is another film which I came across via BBCi Player. I also think that this film might be another entry on my ‘Worst Films’ List. It’s the typical boring romcom movie which doesn’t tread any new ground in regards to the genre and yet still manages to be a pitiful excuse for a film at the same time.

The characters are incredibly forgettable, and the story itself is tedious. Never has a near 90 minute movie dragged so much. There was absoloutely no chemistry in any of the romantic relationships portrayed, and many times the film came across as being incredibly dated. I thought that Duhamel’s acting was especially wooden.

I don’t know what point – if any – this film was trying to make through its narrative. It wasn’t very funny either because the comedy of the film was far too reliant on tired gags and wasn’t really funny in itself. This was disappointing but not exactly unexpected, and ultimately this is little more than a paint-by-numbers romcom.

This film has taken a firm place in my Worst Films List…

MY RATING: * / *****


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