Charles III (2017)

Image result for Charles III 2017Based on a 2014 play, this was a drama shown on BBC1 recently. It was interesting, for sure.

Keeping in mind that I have not seen the original play, it was still worth watching this. Theatre-television or back again will always be a challenge to any writer doing the adapting. While at first appearing to be stodgy and out of place, this drama chugs along while throwing up interesting questions such as the Royal Family’s place in a modern society which has moved on.

The use of blank verse within the context of the drama is difficult to get used to but once it got into the full swing of things it was incredibly poetic and, truth be told, quite soothing to listen to. Tim Pigott Smith was brilliant as Charles and it only shows how his electric presence will be missed onscreen now he has passed away.

The use of Diana in ghost form could have certainly been too much but actually worked well within the context of the narrative. It could be argued that including Diana is flogging a proverbial dead horse but it was done well although by no means subtly.

The scope of being able to put something from stage to screen also means they can add such things as more settings, which seem quite simplistic but adds to the modernity of the story. While the film seemed very foreboding, all the same, the Queen dying one day is something that people will have to reconcile themselves to despite how current she has been in people’s lives for the past 60 years.

MY RATING: **** / *****


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