Selma (2014)

Image result for Selma 2014This film tells the story of Martin Luther King Jnr (David Oyelowo) and his followers walk from Selma to Montgomery in an effort to secure equal voting rites.

While I am aware of who Martin Luther King Jnr is and his importance in the Civil Rights movement, any filmic representation of the events are always interesting to watch.

I’m not entirely sure how historically accurate this film is but in watching this film I wanted to keep as unknowing as possible because if I was too aware of its historicity, I would be too overcritical of it within itself. For one thing, it certainly expressed a highly fraught social-political situation and it never felt like the story was trying to preach to us or work off a ticklist of facts in which to make a convincing story.

The cinematography is brilliant in this film, and seeing as the director is quite a “new” director, it is brilliant to see future potential which could be something good. This film doesn’t desist from its heavy tone, but does not see this as a distraction and makes this seriousness a strong element of the film’s central narrative. While I’m uncertain on the accuracy of this film, it has encouraged me to seek out more films concerning Martin Luther King Jnr.

A brilliant film and certainly worth a viewing.

MY RATING: ***.5 / *****




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