Thirteen (2016) First Impressions.

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This is a drama I always wanted to watch when it first popped up on BBCi Player last year. The five part drama is about a girl, Ivy Moxham (Jodie Comer) who escapes her captivity after she was abducted thirteen years previously. In this post I will talk about my first impressions of the drama.

I don’t quite know what I was expecting when I began watching this. However, it didn’t take me long to become engrossed in the episode’s unfolding drama. Comer is brilliant as the abducted girl and there are plenty of moving moments amongst the episode’s plot.

The good thing about BBC 3 moving on line a few years ago is it gives iPlayer the chance to showcase dramas which would likely get a mediocre response at best if shown in a traditional television format.

In the episode it is interesting as the Moxham family try and regain the 13 years lost when Ivy went missing and Ivy’s trapped-in-time naivete was so moving, as she tries to rebuild relationships but with the childish hopefulness which belies her 26 years.

The score put me on edge but if that was what it was intended to do then it did its job very well. I can’t wait to watch the rest of the other episodes.

MY RATING: **** / *****



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