Calvary (2014)

Image result for Calvary 2014A kind hearted priest (Brendan Gleeson) is threatened by an unknown parishioner during confession and must uncover the identity of the man who intends to kill him.

Oftentimes there are films you watch which surprise you with how good they are. This is one of those times. My foray into Irish cinema has always been a bit narrow and hit and miss, but this film surprised me.

Gleeson, father of actor Domhall Gleeson, surprised me with how majestic his performance was. His role radiated a quiet authority and his character was the only good character in a community full of unrest. He is also held responsible by his killer for all of the ills of the small town and the Catholic Church as a whole. This is the most tragic part of the film itself. The other cast did their roles well. Chris O’Dowd was in a role which wasn’t particularly comedic, so that was a nice change.

The cinematography of this film is beautiful, and the scenery is stunning. Within this, Gleeson radiated quiet authority and was simply brilliant. I wasn’t aware until I wrote this post that the film was sold as a dark comedy and while a healthy dollop of gallows humour is certainly required in order to watch this film, it shouldn’t be approached simply for having that unfair categorization applied to it and be watched instead for what it offers the viewer as a drama.

My consensus is that I loved this film, and would highly recommend it to anybody. Bitterly tragic and sad, it had me thinking for a long time after.

MY RATING: **** / *****


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