Three Girls (2017)

I managed to binge watch this three part drama in one sitting. The drama tells the story of a sex abuse ring in Rochdale.

I feel bad giving this drama a positive review, especially given the context of the drama itself. I feel that no matter what I say, I will only be rehashing what I said in my first impressions post recently.

Yes, the atmosphere is grim. Yes it is stifling. But the raw talent of the actors shines through, and the girls are viewed sympathetically as they are not simply the product of unhappy homes or unstable backgrounds. Rather, they were taken advantage of and were forced to suffer the consequences.

The young cast were all amazing and showed a sort of growth throughout the drama, because they were forced to unconventionally grow up in order to confront their horrible situations. The drama is sad because of the way the girls were treated by the authorities who simply believed the girls were behaving like they were because of their bad personal situations.

As I also said in the original post, Maxine Peake was amazing throughout. She was consistently good right until the end, showing her character’s desire to whistle-blow the sex abuse ring while the other officials concerned blamed the girls. If you are looking for a hard hitting drama, I recommend you watch this.

MY RATING: **** / *****


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