Magnificent Seven (1960)

Image result for magnificent seven 1960A Mexican village, under control of local bandits seeks the help of a group of seven gunmen. A remake of the 1957 film Seven Samurai.


While I watched Seven Samurai many years ago (it may even be in the suggested links below, I’m not too sure), I had always wanted to watch Magnificent Seven all the way through. I had been a fan of the actor Yul Brynner for at least five years by that point, and I really wanted to see Magnificent Seven all in one sitting.

In general, I will more than likely steer clear of Westerns because I’m not all that keen on them as a genre. It doesn’t mean they are bad films, I just don’t particularly prefer them. However, what stands out most about this film is its cast members. For me, Brynner was very much to the fore, with his commanding voice and glare. The focus however seems to be evenly balanced over everyone within the story which is good because it means that the domination of the story is not the prerogative of one singular character.

The cinematography was also very well done in this film, and it gives a visual feast for the eyes, along with a fantastic score. While the film was slow to start it paid off in the end. The script was also pretty good, with plenty of snappy witty moments to leave a viewer satisfied.

While the Seven are supposed to be the heroes, they still have a big dollop of humanity in them, which is good because painting them as uncomplicated heroes would just be very very boring.

I know that there is a 2016 remake of this film, and I might watch it at some point in the future. I’m not sure. Watch this space.

MY RATING: ***.5 / *****



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