She’s Out of My League (2010)

Image result for she's out of my leagueThis is another of those really irritating rom com movies, which makes use of a tired set of tropes. A nerdy guy, Kirk (Jay Baruchel) falls for a new girl, feeling that she is out of his league.

In watching this film, or any romantic comedy in general I know that I should not be surprised when the end result turns out to be boring and predictable. The film doesn’t explore any new territory thematically or in terms of characterization.

Any plot elements which seek to get in the way of the film’s conclusion are ultimately very weak and poorly done. Any comedy is linked with the humour of bodily functions and this gets boring pretty fast. The film also tries to be hip and relevant (c. 2010) and it fails at this as well. Any relationships within the story aren’t done very well, leaving me ultimately indifferent to what happens to the characters.

The film aims for its central message to be about self-confidence in relationships but this is so poorly handled that it might as well have done without. The “OMG! NERD!” cliche is also so badly handled and its so tedious.

While it did try to invert the gendered relationships, this doesn’t quite save such a poor film from the ignominy of my Worst Films List.

MY RATING: * / *****




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