Reviewing Anime?

Back earlier this month I discovered Crunchyroll, an online service where you can watch anime series.

Regretfully, I only began my journey into anime relatively late. I was a fan of studio ghibli but unfortunately didn’t take it any further until recently. I am also not trying to jump on the “OMG NERD!” bandwagon.

I figured that seeing as I had added a new subcategory over on my other blog in regards to manga / comic books, I wanted to keep this blog up to speed as well. I’m hardly the anime expert so please don’t expect erudite reviews but I want to at least give this a try.

If any of you guys reading this are particularly expert in anime, then I would please like some recommendations. I’m tackling Bleach first, so it will certainly be interesting to see how things turn out. I can see why it gets so addictive, especially when episodes are only 20 minutes or so long.


5 thoughts on “Reviewing Anime?

    • I got recommended it , that’s sort of the reason why. I don’t usually tackle such long series so early on !

  1. Welcome to the club!
    Do it for the world~

    Get deep into anime, that is. Don’t be afraid to stay comfy even in the weird side.
    You won’t know if something is truly bad unless you have the first hand experience with it!

  2. Bleach is good, and I hope that you have fun. Although I would personally recommend writing about something that is shorter, just to gain more confidence & experience when reviewing anime. Anyway, have fun. And there are a lot of cool anibloggers here, so I hope that you enjoy reviewing anime. Cheers!

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