The Knick Series 2 (2015) First Impressions

Image result for The Knick series 2Having thoroughly enjoyed watching the first series of the drama, The Knick, I couldn’t wait to get stuck into the second (and unfortunately, the last) series.

Just like the first time around, it didn’t take long for me to get engrossed in the first episode of the second series. It shows how far Thackeray had fallen in his desire for cocaine and other drugs.

I feel that anything else I have to say about the series 2 debut episode would simply be a repetition of previous blogposts about this series. The oppressive cinematography does not let up from Series 1, which was good to see. The story leads on from where it left off, plunging you from the frying pan and into the fire so as a viewer you feel as if you never left.

The episode was still as viscerally gruesome as before, with blood and guts aplenty. Yet again the oppressive proximity makes this episode, and the series, memorable. I hope for further delights in a similar fashion as I continue to watch the series.

MY RATING: **** / *****




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