Wonder Man (1945)

Image result for Wonder Man 1945Sometimes, films have the potential to surprise you and delight you in equal measure. This is one of those times.

Comedian Danny Kaye plays the role of identical twin brothers Buzzy and Edwin. One is a gregarious nightclub performer, the other is a studious man who spends all his time at the library.

This is one of those films which I go into knowing literally nothing. And while this film was by no means perfect, it was still an entertaining bit of fun with some VERY catchy songs.

I feel like the comedy predominantly stems from physicality and situational comedy. It could be almost farcical, because ultimately any impediments within the story are patched up quickly or explained away. However, I didn’t mind because the film was really entertaining to watch and I was laughing pretty much constantly throughout the film.

If you are looking for a fun film to watch, or something a little different then I highly recommend this film. While of course its faults lie in its hurried and rushed ending and perhaps scant character development, it is still a fun film to watch just the same.

MY RATING: ***.5 / *****



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