Poldark (Series 3) First Impressions.

Image result for Poldark series 3 episode 1 reviewI completely forgot that Poldark was back again, but it was certainly nice to see it was back. For all appearances, it seems that this is packed to the brim with drama and kicks series 3 off to a promising start.

Keeping in mind that I am watching Poldark series 3 without having read the novel, I still want to give my first impressions of a series which I have previously reviewed in years gone by.

The series shows fresh blood in the arrival of new characters, so at least the audiences’ appreciation of current characters will not wear thin. The series is still as good as ever, with lush cinematography and high drama. Of course the series has suffered in the past for its melodramatic elements but in a way it works in the positive for the drama itself, because it is addictive and you want to know what happens next.

Of course maybe one day I will read more of the books in the Poldark series (can’t resist a good saga!) but at the moment I want to watch the episodes with fresh eyes and not be overly swayed by the tumult of a visual medium being adapted from its source. I want to find out about what happens to the characters, because they are all fleshed out with realistic aims and ambitions although none of them are by no means perfect.

Ultimately, I’m glad the series is back.

MY RATING: **** / *****


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