Changing All Those Changes (+Update!)

Just a bit of an update.

Thank you to everyone who reads this blog. A massive 290 of you read the posts, which is amazing, especially coming from a blog which originally began as one reviewing episodes of the television show Cold Feet. Never did I imagine, four and a half years ago, that I would get that many people reading and enjoying what I put out.

This is in no way a blogpost telling you that this blog will be over and done with. Not at all. The thing is, its a sort of apology. And a bit of a life update too.

Back in June I finished university, and it has been gut-wrenching leaving that behind because it was an amazing three years, and I kept my two blogs going throughout. I’m glad I didn’t start a university blog, because that would have been some painful reading for sure!

Anyway, the thing is that while I do my best to write blogposts in batches and schedule them en-masse, because I have made the tough decision to go back home and get a job instead of remaining in my university city, I may lose the time spent watching and reviewing films to my efforts in Adulting. Thus, I won’t be able to schedule blogposts a month or so in advance as I usually do as I reluctantly embrace The Big Wide World while also losing the time spent watching and reviewing films. I might have to take a look at how my postings are structured and cut it from three times a week down to one, perhaps. I don’t want to flood readers of this blog but I want to keep going as far as possible.

I will still keep up my book blog in its regular way (as far as conceivably possible), but I just want to let you know that this blog is not over and done with yet.

Hugs xxx



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