As Time Goes By (1992-2005)

Image result for as time goes by dramaA couple, parted by a misplaced letter during the Korean War, are reunited again 38 years later. Starring Judi Dench and Geoffrey Palmer.

This little sitcom is a funny old one because I likely came across it while channel surfing and for many years never watched all the episodes end to end. However, I had the chance recently.

While this sitcom is certainly dated, this doesn’t deplete its ability to be funny. I genuinely laughed many times throughout my time watching the episodes, however it is funny how the modern businessman character of Alistair Deacon was likely seen as hip and up to the minute with his mobile phone and his emailing.

This comedy is gentle and rather sweet. The two leads work well together to put across a convincing representation of a romance brought back to the fore after years apart. Secondary characters are also given a good airing, which effectively involves them within the central story without overshadowing the main romance which serves to be a focus for the sitcom.

While it was an enjoyable sitcom and worth the days it took me to watch it end to end, I think it has flaws too. The later specials show how a constant narrative about a couple brought back together again is unsustainable and the reunion specials were the weakest out of the whole comedy itself. In the same way, I felt as if there was a shift in dynamic in character relationships in later series and some of the plots were far too convoluted to be funny.

That being said, it was a lovely gentle comedy and perhaps I am too young to appreciate its slow pace. Its a load of fun to watch and it certainly epitomizes Judi Dench’s power as an actress.

MY RATING: ***.5 / *****


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