The Knick (2015) Series 2 REVIEW

Image result for The Knick series 2This brilliant drama only lasted two series unfortunately. However, this is a review of the second series.

This drama is massively addictive. All of the characters are so finely wrought with realistic motivations. When I first began watching series 1, I was under the impression that Thackeray was a villain. However, he is evidently a man who wants to do good and yet is deeply troubled. In the same way, no character in this entire drama is 100% good or 100% bad.

In this series, it picks up where it left off last time without a pause for breath. It also seems as if Thackeray is using himself as a test subject having battled through his drug addiction withdrawal, while wanting to help those who suffered as he did.

This series also explores the narratives of other characters, which was good and it also got very dark from a tonal perspective. It certainly has more gore than its predecessor. The relationships between the doctors at the Knickerbocker hospital are very well written and the three main stars have an onscreen rapport which I have never seen replicated elsewhere.

In the same way, any villains in the story – and its already difficult to see the wood from the trees – are not done in a comical or pantomime fashion. Their villainy takes time and as a result it manages to be all the more believable. Here, the villains are driven by money and greed instead of a forgettable motivation which stops at the conclusion of a singular episode.

While I was aware of how the series would turn out (I have a sister who adores Clive Owen’s films), it was still incredibly well written as a series finale which had me open mouthed in shock for the last half. This is also where the gore factor likely reached its apex  so perhaps its not such a good idea for those who dislike sounds putting them on edge.

Recently I also heard that Series 2 would be the last series of this drama and this had me disappointed. However, given how this series turned out it is hardly surprising. If it had continued I would have wanted to see one of the other doctors be at the forefront without the need to bring up any new dramatic characters or plot devices.

I highly recommend this drama if you are looking for a new one to watch.

MY RATING: **** / *****


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