Inferno (2016)

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Another Robert Langdon adventure. This time, Robert Langdon (Tom Hanks) is tasked with following a trail of clues linked with Dante’s Inferno after he wakes up in an Italian hospital with amnesia.

When writing this review I am keeping in mind that I have previously read and reviewed the book of the film, but I won’t let that cloud my judgement. All I remember is not being too keen on the book. I have also read previous Dan Brown incantations and they all seem to consist of exposition by the bucketload.

With the film, its cinematography was certainly very interesting. I think that is all I can say with absolote certainty, but despite this the entire film just felt incredibly clumsy as an entirety. It might even have been slightly interesting if I had not read the book because I wouldn’t have had anything to compare it to.

Visually, I wish the film could have done more and yet you can’t save an awful book with a passable script. Yet again, Langdon is a character who is predominantly made up of tiresome exposition and this gets boring pretty quickly. The other talent aside from Hanks were passable too. Felicity Jones plays Sienna Brooks, a doctor who helps Langdon uncover the clues however the twist reveals that this wasn’t entirely true. As a pair, they didn’t have much charisma but I don’t think they were supposed to.

Ultimately, a very bland movie which could have done well enough. Irffan Khan was quite good as the CEO of a private security agency but even his performance couldn’t save the film from being anything more than passable.

MY RATING: ** / *****


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