Poldark Series 3 (2017) REVIEW !

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Poldark Series 3 was brilliant. This blogpost contains some of my thoughts concerning it.

This series has had plenty of ups and downs, enough to keep audiences glued to their seats. The series is as good as before – good cinematography, beautiful scenery, convincing acting and plenty of dramatic gazing out to sea.

Of course there were highs and lows aplenty – when isn’t there? – along with the loss of a few beloved characters. I love this series because it plays on the expectation of “Happily Ever After!” which seems to be a given in most other fiction. It could stoop to Mills & Boon levels of pulp if it tried but it skims this and leaves audiences satisfied.

Of course, none of the characters are perfect. Some of the villains are very pantomime-esque and yet this doesn’t detract from the power of the series. Luckily the series has the strength of the original books by Winston Graham to hold them up, but I can’t wait to explore more of the books in the time between now and when series 4 is aired.

I love sagas because they are about family dynamics but hopefully this series will have plenty of space to stretch its legs. I loved the relationship between Drake and Morwenna. I hope they get their happy ending next series. If I had to choose between this series and reality television, this one would win every time.

MY RATING: **** / *****


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