Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey (1993)

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Left behind at a ranch while their owners go on a vacation, two dogs and a cat – Shadow, Chance and Sassy, embark on a journey to find their way home.

This movie was a massive part of my childhood. I watched it many times, but it is always good to see it with the cold harsh light of hindsight. To be entirely honest, it hasn’t suffered too much in the annals of my memory. I still love the story just as much, and it is just as heartwarming. However, the score was very dramatic at some points which did sometimes get a bit distracting.

The personalities of the individual pets were well established, and this was good to see. While it was engaging and sweet to see the family and their pets reunited at the end, I was more engaged with the relationships of the pets with each other as opposed to the family.

The script sparkled with both wit and poignancy. The film is a reminder of family togetherness and never giving up, while this is also one of the first movies (that I can think of) where the animals talk and it is actually done well rather than be unforgivably corny. I’m glad I watched this film again, and that it has remained as solid as I remember.

MY RATING: ****.5 / *****


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