Hot Tub Time Machine (2010)

Image result for Hot Tub Time machine
Four friends stuck in a rut are given the chance to return to 1986 via a ski resort hot tub.

I had always been aware of this film because it is one of my father’s favourite films, however it wasn’t until August or September 2017 that I actually sat down and watched it. And then watched it again.

It certainly has its comedy moments. The humour is crude but not unbearably so. All of the central characters give good performances in their roles, which is always good. It also doesn’t take itself too seriously as a film, which is refreshing. It doesn’t get involved with the semantics of time travel, but then as a viewer you don’t really care.

I think this appeals more to those of my parents’ generation because while it was a funny film to me, I think they got more of the references when we watched it. The four main actors clearly work as a team and it works out for the better because they are all immeasurably funny.

While this film treads familiar ground, I think its one of the sort of films to put on when you want to be entertained but at the same time don’t want to think too much.

MY RATING: *** / *****


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