Birdemic: Shock and Terror (2010) 

A herd of mutated birds descend on a quiet California town. Two citizens fight back. But will they win ?

This is one of those films which everyone knows of as “one of the worst films ever”. I didn’t believe such reviews. Until I saw the movie. There is nothing wrong with being a fan of the film director Alfred Hitchcock. Just don’t make a clumsy homage to his films, that’s all I ask.

Everything about the audio is distracting. The looped audio freeplay music, the weird sound dips, the clunky delivery of lines by the actors, the camera being consistently shaky…I could go on. Within this film, or indeed any film, actors deserve the chance to stretch their creative legs where possible. Here, however, all of the acting is consistently terrible. If Natalie  (Whitney Moore) was given more to do acting wise – and not just there to add blonde hair and bikinis to the mediocre film – then she could be watchable, if not in the very least competent. However Rod  (Alan Bagh) was as exciting as a post and said all of his lines in a very stilted way. Most of the time he also looked like he didn’t want to be there. I get it that if it is your first acting credit it’s always going to be nervewracking and some people just don’t do very well on camera. However he was just painful to watch, because his dialogue was so stilted, and as a result there was absolutely zero chemistry between him and Natalie.

Not to mention, according to the trivia of IMDB, Nguyen filmed without a permit for all of the scenes. You can certaintly tell. Nguyen seems to know about stock options etc. While this is by no means a positive that sort of information does better in a written form rather than shoved exposition style into a movie.

The editing of this movie is also very shoddy indeed. Most of all, however, is the message he tries to impart. The dual messages of global warming and deforestation are not at all subtle and its really off putting. These aren’t characters, they’re just markers for the exposition.

When the birds do actually turn up, there is no sense of urgency. The group even eat in a wide open public space which would leave them prime targets for attack by CGI birds. It’s also very distracting when the camera man starts breathing heavily during one scene.

Ultimately, this film was a massive flop. I wasn’t expecting a great deal, but sometimes of course homages can be done competently. Not in this case. In comparison with this film,films such as The Room and Double Down look Oscar worthy. I know that he did a lot of self promo and while that certainly proves he was trying, it’s good to have a film which is at the very least competent. I feel like I need to return to this film in another blogpost as I have a lot more to say about it. One thing is for certain though. It seems to be its very incompetence which drives it forward on and on. It’s always nice to start my Top 10 Worst films of 2018 off on a high note.

MY RATING: * / *****


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